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Selling Essentials Book For New Salespeople, Sales Managers, And Sales Trainers

Selling Essentials A New Book For New Salespeople, Sales Managers, And Sales Trainers

For new salespeople and their sales managers only.
In the book Selling Essentials, you'll learn all the factors that can guarantee that a new salesperson will quickly become a top salesperson. If you are a sales manager, this book will show you how to guarantee a new sales rep will be successful, right from the start.

In your company, right now, there are salespeople making a very comfortable living. Their customers love them, trust them, and will follow their recommendations. These are the top 20%. The other 80% are barely getting by. No matter how hard they try, they feel stuck.

So, why are 80% of the salespeople barely getting by? Because they didn't start off on the right foot. They developed habits in the beginning that prevent them from ever succeeding. Their "beginner mistakes" become habits that eventually become unbreakable.

Here's a secret; Nearly everything the superstars do, is something that they learned the first month or two with the company. If you are a sales manager or trainer, you know that's true.

The author took a look at his 35 years of sales training and sales recruiting, and discovered the factors that the most successful salespeople share. And the good news is, these factors are learned and established very early in a new salesperson's career... typically the first couple of months.

The work habits, the priorities, the attitude are all established in the beginning.

This book will set you on the right course, from the first day of your new sales career.

If you are a sales manager or trainer, you'll find the tools to make your job far easier, and help you show your new salespeople how to hit the ground running.

My intent is to genuinely help you. This is a no-risk purchase. If you don't agree that Selling Essentials is the very best book for a new salesperson to read, simply return the book for a full refund.

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Claude Whitacre has over 40 years of direct sales experience. In that time, he has trained hundreds of salespeople He is the author of six books on the subject of selling, as well as hundreds of articles. He has spoken to over 200 audiences across the US on how to how to find highly likely prospects and closing in one sales call.

Retiring in 2022 from actively selling, Claude wanted to give back to the sales and marketing fields by teaching the strategies and techniques that have proven so effective in his own selling.
One of the many strategies and practices Claude implemented over the decades is working with over 200 top salespeople on real sales appointments, in 71 different industries. He would work with them for a day, prospecting and going on sales appointments, with them. Then they would work with him in the field for a day. Eventually, Claude determined that about 98% of everything he used in his own selling was actually learned from top salespeople outside of his own core industry.

To pay forward what Claude has learned, he wanted to give salespeople the opportunity to benefit from what he did....learn from the best salespeople, experts, sales authors, and trainers from all over the country.
This podcast is that effort.

Claude has videos and articles on the following subjects.
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