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Interview Claude

Claude Whitacre is available for interviews. 

These interviews can be anywhere up to 90 minutes. They can be video or audio only.

All we ask is;

1) Your podcast is about selling or marketing.

2) You agree to promote the interview to your e-mail list, and link to the interview from your website.  We will do the same.

You can get ideas for questions from the videos and blog posts on this site. If you like, a suggested list of questions can be sent to you. If this is a blog or magazine interview, Claude will answer any question you like.


Claude is the author of 6 books on selling, and has over 40 years of sales experience, selling to consumers and business owners..  He can give entertaining and in depth interviews on One Call Closing or Referral Prospecting. 


To discuss what you have in mind, just use the Contact form or claude@sweeperstore.com/

About the Host

Claude Whitacre Profile Photo

Claude Whitacre

Author, Sales Trainer, and Salesman.

Claude Whitacre has over 40 years of direct sales experience. In that time, he has trained hundreds of salespeople He is the author of six books on the subject of selling, as well as hundreds of articles. He has spoken to over 150 audiences across the US on how to how to find highly likely prospects and closing in one sales call.

Retiring in 2022 from actively selling, Claude wanted to give back to the sales and marketing fields by teaching the strategies and techniques that have proven so effective in his own selling.

One of the many strategies and practices Claude implemented over the decades is working with over 200 top salespeople on real sales appointments, in 71 different industries. He would work with them for a day, prospecting and going on sales appointments, with them. Then they would work with him in the field for a day. Eventually, Claude determined that about 98% of everything he used in his own selling was actually learned from top salespeople outside of his own core industry.

To pay forward what Claude has learned, he wanted to give salespeople the opportunity to benefit from what he did....learn from the best salespeople, experts, sales authors, and trainers from all over the country.

This podcast is that effort.