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Sales Training Tip; Know Your Sales Competition When Selling.

Your sales competition. Knowing your sales competition when selling.

Know your competition. Know the features of their product/service...their terms of service...their prices.....

"We have no competition. We're the best". I've heard that hundreds of times.

But that isn't how sales prospects think. And you need to sell with your prospect's point of view in mind.

Go on your top few sales competitor's websites and get information on what they sell and what services they offer. You need to know their options, prices, and what features they are illustrating. Why? One reason is that your sales prospect may know quite a lot about your competition.....they may have even been using your competition's service before you contacted them.

You don't know how much your prospect knows about the competition....or what they believe about your competition. And you don't know where they got that belief. Did your prospect's Dad tell him? Did he read it in Consumer Reports?

You need to know your company's strength when compared to a competitor's. You need that information when you are fitting your product/service to your prospect.

When they ask "How does your service compare to this (competitor's) service?" Just saying "We're better" won't cut it. You need to have clear answers based on real knowledge. You simply don't know how much the prospect already knows. So you need this information to help guide your prospect to a better option....yours.