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Sales Prospecting. Language You Use When Sales Prospecting, Social Selling, And Networking

Sales language can make a huge difference when sales prospecting and selling.

Language when selling. The words you use create the image in their mind. Here are a few examples on how to choose the right words.

Use of the best words to describe what you sell. Some words imply a benefit or create and image in people's minds.

For example, if you sell something that is heavy, it's better to call it sturdy, well built, substantial.....these sound like benefits, even though they also mean heavy. You want to be accurate, and not mislead, but you can still use more descriptive language. I used to sell a vacuum cleaner that had one unique feature, an air flow regulator that told you if you had the vacuum cleaner set at the correct height. We could have called it an air flow regulator, but nobody would have remembered those words. So we changed that feature's name to a "Brain". The only vacuum cleaner with a brain...it figured out the correct height adjustment for you. It was a form of branding, and it was easy to remember, and sounded unique. It also conveyed the meaning that the machine did something for you...and sounded like a real benefit..which it was.

A side story...A new product came into our store that was a yellow in a shade I found unattractive. My first thought was "It looks like baby poop". And for a day, that's the image I had in my head. But I looked it up on the company's website...Nope, it was Citrus. And I instantly saw it. It really was Citrus...but if I were a customer, and nobody told me it was Citrus...it would be something much worse in my mind. Use of language to describe what you sell is important.