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How To Win Friends And Influence People By Dale Carnegie. Book Review

How To Win Friends And Influence People By Dale Carnegie. A Book Review

The story goes, someone says something insulting, and you tell them they should read How To Win Friends And Influence People. The book has entered the public consciousness. The book is Iconic.

I have a library of over 2,000 books on sales, selling, human nature, and psychology.
This book, How To Win Friends And Influence People is one of only a few that I read once a year. The book was written in 1936, by Dale Carnegie (originally, it was spelled Carnegey, but he changed it to infer a relationship with the great Andrew Carnegie).

Think of the book title for a minute. How To Win Friends and Influence People. The title is perfect. It describes the two most universal desires of man. Making people like you, and having people agree with you. Of course, this especially applies if you are in sales.

By now, you have probably read the reviews that tel you the subjects covered in the book; listening, being interested in other people....that sort of thing. But here is the genius of the book...the reason everything in the book works....the book tells you, in complete detail how to be the kind of person that others want to be around, have you as a friend, and buy from you.

In sales, if the customer likes you and enjoys talking to you, you are far more likely to make a sale. Isn't that how we all are? We like to deal with people that we like. This book tells you how to do that.

I remember at about 18 years old, I was a jerky kid...and someone recommended this book. I read it. But I wasn't ready for what it said. Then I read it a few more times over the next could of decades. It wasn't until I was in my mid-forties that I truly understood the wisdom that this book contains. I still have my original 1981 hardback. One of my most treasured books.

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