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Closing Sales. Sales Closing Video. How To Sound When You Are Closing Sales.

Closing Sales. How To Sound When You Are Closing Sales

How to sound when you are closing. Don't change your pitch, your tempo, or how you talk. And don't hesitate when you are closing.

Any change in you, as you start closing, is picked up by the sales prospect. Women are better at picking up these subtle cues than men, but everyone...at some level....knows that something is different...maybe something is off a little.

Do you sound nervous when you close? Do you keep talking and ramble on when you are supposed to be asking them to buy? The prospect is thinking this;

"What' wrong?"

"Why are they nervous? Do they think the price is too high?"

"They sound like they don't think I should buy this"

"Have they ever done this before?"

"They sound like they don't expect me to buy"

"Why do they sound like they are doing something wrong?"

It's the same when you mention the price. If you sound like you think the price is unreasonable, the prospect picks that up...and then they think the price is unreasonable.

My very best advice is to practice your closing sequence every day until it becomes second nature. Then watch other people sell what you sell. Pay attention to the prospects. You'll see that they make slight gestures and change expressions if the salesperson is nervous or changes they way they speak when they start closing.

Keeping the same speech patterns when you are closing..as you had during the entire presentation...will show the sales prospect that you are used to people buying. That's a huge key to making a sale. You need them to see that your price is normal and that it's normal to ask them for money. You do that by keeping your sales presentation and sales close sounding the same. There is no break in the continuity.

I cover a little of this in my book One Call Closing.

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