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June 29, 2022

Why is Selling the Greatest Job in the World?

What is selling? Selling is not tricking people into buying. Real selling is many things.

Selling is helping people grow.If you have a product or service that will improve the customer’s life in some way, you are helping this customer lead a better life. Does your product save more money than it costs? Then You are obligated to answer any question they have, that will help tem start saving money as soon as possible.

Selling is giving great advice. This is my favorite outlook. Selling at its best is simply giving advice that will benefit the customer. Real, unbiased advice can be seen from a mile away. So can a lie. So can advice with an agenda. “What is the best thing for this customer?” is a question professionals ask themselves. This attitude will show itself in every word and gesture.

Selling is improving the economy and making money flow. A bad economy doesn’t mean there is less money. Nobody burned the money. It simply isn’t changing hands fast enough. The act of selling something speeds the money along to the people who made the product, their workers, the worker’s families, and to the merchants they buy from. Every time you buy something, hundreds of people benefit. And people who sell more, buy more.

Selling is making someone happy. People love to acquire new things. They like to buy something from a friendly, helpful salesperson. The experience of buying from you may be the high point of that person’s day. If the customer isn’t happier after they buy what you sell, you are selling the wrong thing.

“How to sell” is the most profitable knowledge you can gain. Selling is the applied science of human nature. Knowing what motivates your fellow humans, what makes them happy, content, laugh, and like someone is valuable knowledge. Not to use with petty intent, but to make their lives better by knowing you. CEO’s of large companies are almost always great salespeople. A great salesperson, with a following of loyal customers is always in high demand…no matter what te economy is. Selling is the only job in any company that actually generates a profit. All other people in the company depend on the business generated by salespeople. Salespeople are the backbone of any profitable enterprise. Just stop selling and see how long a company lasts. Not long.

If selling is so great, why isn’t everyone doing it? Because of what most people believe selling is.

You can actually make a living selling by pressuring, using trick closes, and exaggerating claims, but you will never build a customer following with these tactics. You will never grow a business.

Selling isn’t using double-talk to confuse a customer. Selling is clarifying. Selling is educating.

The lifeblood of any business is repeat business from satisfied customers and referrals from those customers.

If you help your customer as a trusted advisor, you have taken a big step in the right direction.

Always hold the thought in your head “What is the best thing I can do for this customer?”

You’ll be amazed how often the answer is to help him buy your product.