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June 29, 2022

The Biggest Single Advantage You Have Over All Your Competition

How To Create A Celebrity Public Personality…

What do Donald Trump, Dave Thomas, Richard Branson, and that crazy guy on TV that sells cars have in common?

They all use their image to increase the value of what they sell. They are ” Business Personalities”

You are unique. No matter what you sell, or how much of a commodity it is, you are unique to your business.

People are fascinated by the lives of others. Think about this; What is fame? Being famous simply means that many people know who you are. It doesn’t mean that you’re talented, wonderful, or gifted…..just well known. And there is tremendous value in that. You can also be famous in a small niche or community. You can be a ” local” celebrity.

The biggest asset you have in business is the relationship you have with your customers. You can strengthen that relationship by putting your image and personality into your ads. Not a mug-shot, but a picture of you acting animated and conveying a message…like a picture of you pulling your hair out because of the ” great deals” you have. A picture of you with a quote would work. Anything to convey a personality. Here are the benefits;

Your ads will be easier to remember

Your customers will be more interested in you

The most important thing…The customer will feel like they already know you and have a relationship with you. This makes the selling process much easier and FASTER.

Your Customer Newsletters will be more anticipated and read, Your ads will be more anticipated.