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June 28, 2022

Referral Selling Interview. Generating High Quality Referrals And Introductions To Sales Prospects That Are Highly Likely To Buy

Guys. I did this interview a few days ago with David Duford. He’s a trainer and Guru in the Final Expense life insurance field.  Nearly everything in the interview can be applied to any kind of selling, any product, any location.


Included in this video;

Why salespeople don’t ask for referrals.

Why most companies teach referral selling the wrong way.

Why do most companies want salespeople to cold call?

What are the advantages of referrals over cold calling?

Will I look like I need the business?

Will they think I’m using our relationship to make money?

What is your best advice about getting referrals?

What are the two things a customer does that virtually guarantees that their referral will see you, and is at least 80% likely to buy from you?

What do you mean by getting introductions to your referrals?

How many referrals do you ask for?

Do you ask everyone for referrals? Do you get referrals from people who didn’t buy?

What if they say “I can’t think of anyone. I’ll call you later”?

What’s the best time to ask for a referral?

What if they send you to someone that referred a salesperson to them? (Returning the favor)

What if they say “You should call my brother?” Why this may not be a  great referral.

How to implement the “Follow The Salesman” referral generation strategy.


There is a lot of meat in this interview.  You’ll learn how to have customers give you referrals because they want to help their friends and business associates. They will give you names of people that are highly likely to buy…and highly likely to also give you referrals.


David Duford’s Favorite Cold Calling Script: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHrW_…  If you are in the life insurance business (even if you aren’t) David talks about his favorite cold calling method. And he talks about my book on Sales Prospecting.

Advanced Appointment Setting Objection Rebuttal Training: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0fA1…  This video talks about answering objections when calling for an appointment. It’s useful in just about any business. And again, David is kind enough to talk about my book on Sales Prospecting.